almond milk – the lazy healthy yummer gets started with something super simple…

Posted on February 6, 2013


freshly made almond milk

Recently I have been applauded by many people for making my own almond milk. But I don’t deserve the applause. Almond milk is insanely easy to make. I am propelled from my usual slothdom into action, to start this blog and share the “recipe” for almond milk, because you all need to know it.  It’s not right that you are out there thinking almond milk is difficult when it isn’t and you could be enjoying a delicious and healthful glass of the stuff not 30 seconds after reading this post, if you happen to have some almonds lurking in your cupboard that is… if you don’t you might have to go to the shops…. if you can be bothered. Do it, it’s worth it, you’ll love it.

Almond milk – take a handful of almonds, give them a wee rinse, put them in the blender with about a litre of water. Blend, strain, drink. Yum

(put the pulp in your next meal, where they will add texture and roughage as well as impart a lovely almond taste to whatever you are having, some inspiring ideas for what that could be will follow in my next post….)

thank you, we will meet again soon.

peace and light


almonds and water in the blender

almonds and water in the – just whizz to make almond milk

freshly made almond milk
freshly made almond milk