taco flavoured kale chips – a triumph of lazy yumminess, after many experiments…

Posted on February 7, 2013


Home made, easy kale chips

So, last month, I was in Canada and I had the privilege of visiting an amazing raw food place in Vancouver Island – Powerhouse Raw Living, run by the inspirational Toni Jeffries.  And there I ate many mind blowingly delicious things, most of which I think will be beyond me to replicate. So I am heartbroken that I am now 5,000 miles away and can’t go back there every day for my breakfast, lunch, dinner and tea. But one thing I had I have been experimenting to copy. It seemed like it might not be that hard, if I could just crack the code.

Today was my third attempt at making kale chips. (and you tell me I’m lazy – I tell you I am like a woman possessed sometimes, when I want to unlock a particular taste sensation, actually, this is the only time I have ever been like this, normally, you’re right, I am very lazy, Toni’s kale chips were frankly, to die for)

After trawling the internet and comparing notes with others on the Facebook healthyyum group and a couple of not very good attempts that were, first time around  – slightly soggy and burnt –  and second time around, just a bit too brittle and insubstantial,  I decided in the end to invent my own method.

And I can report I have finally succeeded in producing something I can wholeheartedly pass on to you as being simple and delicious and a god damned total RESULT!!!

Here it is:

Delicious Taco Flavoured Kale Chips

Home made, easy kale chips

Kale Chips made with cashews and spices, no oil

Heat your oven to it’s lowest setting. (Powerhouse Raw Living make theirs in a dehydrator but I don’t have one of those)

take a small handful of cashew nuts, blended with a wee bit of water to make a hummus like consistency.

sprinkle some dried paprika, cumin and coriander in a bowl and mix with the cashew cream you’ve just made (maybe just use some of it and you can save some to do something else with)

wash and dry some kale leaves (it’s important to dry them), mix them up with the cashew and spice mixture so they get nicely coated.

lay them on a baking tray, on top of some baking parchment, pop them in the oven for 20 mins, turn over and do another 20 minutes.

Eat them, you will cry with joy at how nummy they are. Well you might not. But I bet you like them.

I’m in seventh heaven.  Please enjoy with me.