is it a fishcake? is it a frittata? It’s a total triumph over leftovers that’s what it is….

Posted on February 22, 2013


a fishcake or a frittata

I nearly called this blog #theleftoverqueen, well actually I didn’t, I thought of that name after I’d already called it #thelazyhealthyyummer. Someone else is probably #theleftoverqueen, I should google and check, but I am too lazy so probably won’t bother.

Anyway, #thelazyhealthyyummer seems to be a name people like so, hurrah, it all turned out as it was meant to. Thanks so much to all who visit here and particularly if this little site makes you smile and you can be bothered to let me know. I’m just a puddle of gratitude.

On the subject of leftovers I am now going to share a truly revolutionary use of leftover takeaway food. I’m not proud. I don’t mind admitting that I had fish and chips for dinner the other night. And it was delicious. There was a big sign up in our local fish and chip shop claiming that fish and chips is healthier and lower fat than a lot of other takeaway foods, I don’t trust anything anybody ever says to me about food and it’s relative merits against other food, there are too many marketeers with zero morals out there, who will say just about anything to try and sell us something.  I’ve given up taking food marketing seriously and just try to listen to my body, eat a balanced diet and avoid stuff that I know doesn’t make me feel well.  But there might be something in their claim. Who knows.

Fish and chips used to be a no no for me, because of the batter which I love to beyond distraction but I can’t  eat anymore, as I’ve discovered I’m gluten intolerant.

But my local enlightened fish and chip shop very kindly cook my fish with no batter. Et voila, a tea which is yummy and healthy enough for  me. (What do you mean I can’t call “dinner” “tea”, I’m more northern than you and I’ll say what I like on here) . Actually if I was being true to my Scottish roots I should be calling it a Fish Supper, as that’s the  rightful title of our Friday night treat, but I’ve been away from Scotland too long, I get muddled, who cares about the rights and wrongs of what things “should” be called anymore, in this day and age? Not me.

Not only did they cook it beautifully for me, they gave me too much. They gave me two bits in fact.  I couldn’t eat it all.

So I saved a bit. And then I made this fantastic lunch the next day:

The Fishcake/Frittata/leftovers triumph lunch. 

I had a whole piece of cooked cod which I’d kept in a tupperware box overnight.

I also had some leftover mashed swede (if you want to make this specially, you know how to do it already, from my previous Frittata post)

And finally, I also had a raw egg and some leftover cooked cabbage.

I chopped up the fish, put it in a bowl, mixed it up with the other stuff, heated some oil in a pan (actually some of that nice oil left over from a jar of sundried tomatoes again), then plopped the lot in and flattened it down a bit with a spatula, cooked over a high heat for a bit, chopped it into four bits with the spatula to make it easier to turn, turned it when it was nice and brown on one side (after about 3 or four minutes I think) and gave it another minute or so on the other side.

I could have fed a family of four with this thing, if I’d done a nice little salad or some greens on the side. It was vast. But I was eating alone, so I ate the lot with nothing else to adorn it and it was jolly tasty my friends, also filling, but not too filling. It was just right for a hearty lunch and I didn’t need much dinner later on. Truly a splendid creation. You would have loved it.

Why not make your own next time you’ve got some leftover fish?

And remember, you can do a Frittata kind of a thing with just about anything.

Thanks for stopping by.


a fishcake or a frittata

Is it a fishcake, is it a frittata? Anyway, it’s vast and it tastes divine