Eggs Benedict(ish) An easy peasy, truly divine #lazyhealthyyummer lunch option…

Posted on March 12, 2013


Eggs Benedict(ish)

I just had a brainwave, and five minutes later I was enjoying this healthyyum lunch. It’s similar to Eggs Benedict but missing the muffin and hollandaise which might sound a shame but, trust me, it was scrummy yummy and – as well as fitting with my desire not to eat fast burning carbs (the muffin) – it was so quick and easy to make I was perfectly happy to forgo the gloopy yellow sauce I’d have had if I’d ordered this in a restaurant where a proper chef knew what they were doing and was being paid a suitable fee for all the fuss and bother.  And frankly, I didn’t miss it.

I didn’t know what to have for lunch. There wasn’t much in. All the chilli had been scoffed, all the leftover pork from the Sunday roast was gone, I didn’t much feel like going to the trouble of making soup and I couldn’t really see there being enough in the fridge to put together a sufficiently substantial salad. And it was really cold today. I wanted something hot. And I was tired. I wanted something quick.  Sandwiches do not exist in my world.

So I got to thinking about eggs because that’s something I usually have in. And then it just came to me – and I leapt into action….

Eggs Benedict(-ish) #thelazyhealthyyummer way 

I googled how to poach an egg in the microwave because I couldn’t be bothered boiling a pan of water. Guess what, it’s easy. I loosely followed what the first search result ( said:

Basically put some water in a microwave proof bowl with some white vinegar (if you’ve got some) and cook on 80% for 60 seconds, if it’s not done keep giving it 20 second blasts till it is. I think next time I might not bother with the 80% business and the recipe did specify a certain amount of water and I was supposed to cover it but I didn’t bother measuring or covering anything and it all worked out fine.  I think a few goes at this and I’ll establish the perfect method for my microwave and I suspect they all vary a bit so suggest you just give it a go and adjust a bit if it’s not quite perfect first time. Mine came out pretty good and I was happy.

I also had half a bag of spinach lurking in the fridge. The best way to “cook” spinach is just to give it a quick wash in a colander then pour boiling water over it and then it’s cooked. For one person I did a colander full.

I also had some hemp seeds I bought recently so I sprinkled them over the spinach, to add texture and various healthful benefits that hemp seeds supposedly have.

When the egg was done I put it on top of the spinach and hemp seeds, sprinkled with freshly ground pink himalayan salt and black pepper, et voila. Pretty as a picture and gorgeously yum.

From conception to plate – about 2 minutes – don’t tell me that’s not easy!

Now you do it. Let me know how you get on.

And enjoy.


Eggs Benedict(ish)

Eggs Benedict(ish)