The lazyhealthyyummer is Lorraine Williams. The term #healthyyum was coined by the lovely Claire Boyles and there is an eponymous Facebook group, #healthyyum, where members can share inspiration for healthy yummy things to eat.

Lorraine got into eating healthily when her body basically told her she had no choice. Through an essentially lazy approach to “hoying things together” with the minimum of fuss Lorraine has discovered some delicious concoctions, calling them recipes is going a bit far.  There is no measuring and everything is up for being experimented with.

Since giving up wheat and going for mostly sugar free, low carb options in the kitchen, Lorraine’s health has massively improved. But she still likes to take it easy when it comes to food preparation.

The idea for this blog is to show how easy it can be to eat a varied whole foods, rather than stuff full of sugar and crap which is liable to make us ill.

Join in. No effort required.

Lorraine also writes the popular Thyroid Hope blog and runs the London support group for the British Thyroid Foundation

An ex publisher, digital media specialist and professional fundraiser, Lorraine now provides consultancy, coaching, copy writing and project management services for businesses and not for profit organisations.

You can also follow Lorraine on twitter @lojinks 

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