frittata – you simply can’t go wrong, this is easy and wildly delicious, I promise…

February 15, 2013


Frittata with courgette (no pic available of the swede version, I ate it)

Ever made Frittata? Think it sounds hard. You’re crazy. 1/ It’s insanely easy. 2/ It’s delicious 3/ What are you waiting for?? 4/ Oh go on then I’ll tell you how to do it: Frittata You can make a frittata with just about anything, as long as you’ve got an egg in the house. Leftovers […]

taco flavoured kale chips – a triumph of lazy yumminess, after many experiments…

February 7, 2013


Home made, easy kale chips

So, last month, I was in Canada and I had the privilege of visiting an amazing raw food place in Vancouver Island – Powerhouse Raw Living, run by the inspirational Toni Jeffries.  And there I ate many mind blowingly delicious things, most of which I think will be beyond me to replicate. So I am […]

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almond milk – the lazy healthy yummer gets started with something super simple…

February 6, 2013


freshly made almond milk

Recently I have been applauded by many people for making my own almond milk. But I don’t deserve the applause. Almond milk is insanely easy to make. I am propelled from my usual slothdom into action, to start this blog and share the “recipe” for almond milk, because you all need to know it.  It’s […]